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I’ll Love You Forever


It’s a cold and rainy night, the wind is howling, and I’m feeling kind of lonely. I sit cuddled up in my easy chair with Bella trying to entice me to throw her ball as my cat purrs peacefully by my side. I have a lot on my mind…more changes…all good. I’m a little apprehensive since there is fear in the unknowing, especially change you don’t see coming. Not a fan. But the changes I see coming are exciting, so I’m anxious in a good way.

I received a gift today from a friend…two baby books and a grandmother brag book. Yes, my baby is having a baby…two in fact! Twin boys…twice the love! I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. One of the gifts was a book called “Love You Forever,” by Robert Munsch. photo2 It’s about a little boy who goes through the stages of childhood and becomes a man. It’s also about the enduring nature of parents’ love and how it crosses generations (this, by the way, is the description on the liner). I used to read this book to my girls when they were little. I always cried because it’s kind of sad in a way, especially if you picture yourself as the mom who is growing old. As I read, my younger daughter Megan used to watch me intently waiting for me to cry. I can still see her beautiful blue eyes peering up at me from her round, cherub face, rosy cheeks, blonde pigtails bound high on her head. Now she is having babies of her own. My heart aches tonight for that little girl.

The other night my older daughter Katie curled up next to me in my chair like she used to do when she was a little girl, telling me about something on her mind. I thought about how I missed the nearness of her. I miss the warmth and comfort when all three of us cuddled up and read. Now they are all grown. I just don’t know where the time goes.

In a few short weeks I’ll be holding my precious little grandsons. I’m imaging what they’ll look like, how big they’ll be, the sounds they’ll make. I’m praying all goes well and trusting in God for all good things. I’m wondering how my life will change for the better with the arrival of these precious bundles from heaven. I try not to think too far into the future because I want to enjoy each day and not fret about how fast the time will go before they are grown. I tell my daughter to cherish each moment with them, especially infancy, which will go by in a wink of an eye. I’m already trying to slow time down before they are even here. I’m looking forward to the liveliness of new life, and the joy they’ll bring. The new, fresh air they’ll breathe into our family. I’m so excited!!

But for now I’ll just sit back and relax as I await the new arrivals. I’ll hold my girls close in my heart as I read:

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living

My baby you’ll be.


Because You Can


Do you ever consider doing something simply because you can?

I read a phrase this morning from my daily devotional describing an early morning wake-up call from a bird just outside an open window. The bird tweeted (literally) softly breaking the silence of the night. With that, he/she led the way for all the other birds that slowly followed suit filling the air with the reverberation of a melodious cacophony. The writer made the observation that the bird sang simply because he could and led the way for a symphony of nature’s orchestra at their finest.

Consider all the things you do in a day that you take for granted. Getting out of bed, making your breakfast, driving your car, working, taking care of your children, walking, running, biking, swimming.  Some of these things others can’t do and wished they could.

We are all given specific gifts and talents that were especially designed just for us.

Take me, for instance.I love to write. Good, bad or indifferent, it comes to me fairly easily. I get an idea and usually go for it. So I write because I can. A doctor heals because he/she can, a teacher teaches, a fisherman fishes, a salesperson sells, a dancer dances, a government official leads, mothers have children, all because they can. On and on it goes. Every person you come in contact with follows suite. Not only every person, but every being. Birds sing and fly, fish swim, cats meow, dogs bark…you get the picture. It comes naturally. It’s a gift.

What a travesty it would be not to use the gifts you have been blessed with simply because you choose not to. Consider the alternative.  What would happen if the morning songbirds decided not to sing…how eerily quiet.  Or the sun didn’t rise…how dark and depressing.  Or you couldn’t walk or see or hear or be a productive being on the earth?

Are you doing something simply because you can? I hope so. You never know what a beautiful, melodious cacophony it will lead to.  One you actually start and are part of, so just try.  Just do it.  Because you can.