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  1. Colonel Louis Makowski is my father-in-law, at 90, he battles Covid while at the Arbors in Gulf Breeze, FL. He is surrounded by his 2 daughters, 2 sons and 2 son-in-laws . . . So difficult to see such a strong man who has encountered so much in his lifetime, be challenged with this fight . . . He and his wife are residents here and have won the hearts of those that care for him. We live in Pensacola, now retired and moved back her as it is my home as to care for them. I am married to the Colonels oldest daughter and his youngest daughter and her husband, a Retired Army Colonel, MD, have also moved here to help as well.

    Thank you for your support, prayers and commitment to our military men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country to insure our freedom and independence. May God Bless you and please pray for Louis’ as he fights his last battle . . . A Devout Catholic his Salvation is Won!

    Thank you –

    • Dear Mr. Ward,

      I am really honored to hear from you and am sorry to hear about Colonel Makowski’s fight with Covid. It must be so difficult to watch his challenges with this horrible virus, even more so after his lifetime challenges and what he overcame in Vietnam. I prayed for him every day back when the war was in full force and I was wearing his bracelet. I will continue to pray for him now as he battles Covid.

      Please know that I do, indeed, support and pray for our brave men and women in the military for their many sacrifices for our freedom. I am also a devout Catholic and will continue to pray for him and his family in the difficult days ahead. Thanks for keeping in touch and updating us. It was a pleasure to hear from you.

      With sincere gratitude, Susezit

      • Dear Jim, I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Colonel Makowski. Please know you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers during this sad time. I have written a tribute him, and I hope it somehow comforts you all in a small way.

        Sincerely sympathy -Susan (Susezit)

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