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Life is fragile. The mind is complicated. What we tell ourselves we believe.

untitledRobin Williams is gone. A radiant spirit full of laughter and fun and talent has departed. I don’t get it. I, like most, can’t comprehend the complicated answer to the question of why.

It must have taken a great deal of agonizing courage and pain for him to choose to walk away from life. To leave forever those he loved. That would be unbearable for most. I can’t help but think that he contemplated his departure for a long time. It couldn’t have been something he did on a whim. His unhappiness must have been intolerably overwhelming in light of the way he chose to leave this world.

Robin’s magnitude of success in life seemed immeasurable. His stellar career; loving family; celebrity status. It all superficially seemed grand. And yet, something inside of his mind, something he told himself blurred his vision. It’s not that he didn’t seek help; he did. It’s not that he had a horrible life; he didn’t. But there was something inside of his brilliant mind that wouldn’t allow him peace in his own existence.

What we tell ourselves we believe. That’s why it is so important not only to be kind to others, but to be especially kind to yourself…to believe in yourself and to be your own rock of support and encouragement. To have faith that no matter what it is you’re going through, it will get better. And never give up.

To Robin – Wishing you the peace you sought. To his family – Wishing you much courage and strength as you grieve your beloved.