The other day I was thinking about a line I heard in a movie but couldn’t remember which movie. The character tells another who is down and out that things will turn around.  I just needed that affirmation. I thought about it for days, and it was driving me nuts. It finally dawned on me out of the blue. Bridesmaids. Crazy, wacky, funny. And I love it so much because sometimes I feel like the person Kristen Wiig plays where everything in her life goes impossibly wrong.

Chris O’ Dowd, who plays a police officer she’s just met, says to Kristen Wiig after she tells him her tale of woe:

“It’ll turn around, you know.”

She’s not believing him at all and says: “I’ve been hearing that for a long time.”

He emphatically repeats: “It’s going to turn; I just know it.”

She looks down at the floor skeptically.

He continues: “You’re OK, you know.”

She says: “You don’t know me very well.”

He says: “I know you well enough to say you’re not so bad. Yeah, you’ve got some stuff. You have bits and pieces going on. But there’s something about you. Something that sticks.”

And there’s that affirmation, “It’s going to turn around.”

We all have stuff going on.  Some more than others, but it’s all the same. Life isn’t easy, in fact, life is freakin’ hard.  Sometimes it’ll drag you down by the neck and try to hold you under.  And sometimes you just want to let it. Days will pass and you’ll muddle through and wonder why you’re even bothering. It gets dark.

This world seems like a shit show. The pandemic has caused its share of all kinds of problems. Mean people and naysayers are so loud that it’s deafening. But you have to keep looking for the light.  Keep listening for the positive affirmations that sometimes come out of nowhere. Like when you randomly turn on the TV and someone says, “It’s never too late.” Or your brother will hug you and say, “It’s all going to work out.” And it’s just enough to give you the strength you need to scrape yourself up off the ground and continue on.

Most times it does get better. You feel lighter and you find yourself out of nowhere having the energy to go on and keep trying.

I have “Bridesmaids” recorded, and I keep it at just the spot I described above.  When I’m feeling especially down and out, I’ll watch the scene and it helps. Watching the whole movie lightens my heart with laughter.  Find your person – a friend – a relative – a character in a movie – something that makes you laugh – wherever you can go to give you the oomph you need to keep moving forward.

And in case you need to hear this today, “It’ll turn around.  I just know it.”


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