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          ~What a comfort it is to know

that I have yet to meet my greatest love

I find strength in that fact and relief to realize

that no one has ever filled the gap

to gain that eternal notoriety

as the one to whom I compare the rest.

          ~I feel confident in understanding

that this time I have spent in mediocrity is not wasted

but is, instead, a learning and testing ground

providing me with the wisdom to recognize you when I see you.

          ~After the near tragedy of almost believing

that it was over for me

this thing called love.

         ~Nearly forcing me to almost consider

that my life would dissolve into

the catastrophe of forever looking back instead of forward.

          ~What a challenge

thrilling in a way

to understand that you’re still out there to be discovered

And that when I find you I’ll suddenly know

that it’s you.

          ~I’ll know that this transitional time

of loneliness and wanting was worth it

that there’s no more someday

only this day and each day after

as the pieces finally fit

and make sense.

          ~That with you, in you, through you

I am home.