Monthly Archives: June 2014



My computer crashed. It had been doing funky things for a month or so, but I just thought it was being finicky. I tried to get it fixed with no luck and in the end I lost everything. It was a nightmare…for me. I was left to grieve (and shout) why, why, why? It was like a sudden death that I had to mourn, and I missed it like an old friend. Sadness shrouded me. I finally said my goodbyes and tucked it away in my closet like an urn. I know I will revisit it from time to time. Sadly, I may even try fruitlessly to revive it again some day (or maybe just let it go.)

So where do you begin when three years of your past are tucked away on an irretrievable hard drive somewhere in Never Land? I hate endings and change of any kind. New beginnings seem so daunting to me. Trying to figure out where to even begin was a chore. Because of financial tribulations, I was not able to immediately run out and purchase a new computer. I was left to borrow this one and that one and try to do what I had to do at everyone else’s convenience. It sucked. I let my writing go South for a while, on a vacation so to speak. But I missed grabbing my computer when a random thought appeared in my brain. I missed sitting in my bed at night pouring out my heart on the keyboard to no one in particular. I know some important thoughts, to me that is, went by the wayside.

But then I was given an “all-in-one wrapped into one gift (Mother’s Day, birthday, etc.)” by my lovely, generous daughters. It was super exciting. (Since I thought I was getting Sephora eye liner!) But it was different – the look, the feel, the boxes floating in and out and up and down. The screen jumping around, and me, an aging dinosaur, trying to figure it all out. Wait, where did my document go? How do I get back to that screen? AAAHHHHH!!! What it this contraption?!?!? Where was my good old computer with my old way of doing things?! It took some doing…some discovering of new tricks, and it’s getting less challenging every day. This aging dog is finally learning some new tricks. And it’s kind of exciting to see what the future holds, and I’m so grateful to be back in action.newtricks2

I hope you guys didn’t get bored and impatient and go somewhere else. I hope you’re still checking out my site from time to time. ‘Cause I’m back to share more Tales from My Heart, with so many exciting new adventures to come.

And I’ve been assured that what I have on this computer will automatically go to a Cloud somewhere in the universe where, should something like this happen again, I’ll be able to retrieve what has been lost. That is mind-boggling to me. Way cool! I can only hope.