The Swan Whisperer


The swan eventually found a mate - and added two babies to her brood.

As I made my way out of the house to the deck overlooking the lagoon, my mind was filled with worry invoked by my recent divorce. I was searching my heart for peace when I spied a beautiful swan floating effortlessly up the waterway toward me. I was awestruck at the friendliness and fearlessness of this curious creature. I quickly went into the house for a slice of bread to feed her, and then threw tiny pieces out to her. She reached for the morsels with her elegant, long neck and scooped the bread up with her rounded beak, savoring each piece. She came up really close and gazed at me, head tilted. She was only an arm’s length away, and I silently gazed upon her inquisitively since I’d never seen one so closely. I’ve had a fascination about swans for quite some time. Their beautiful white bodies, gorgeous necks and almost regal way of gliding across the water with their peaceful demeanor intrigues me.

Although they mate for life and are always together, this swan was alone. I wondered where her mate was because I had seen them together, and it made me wonder if she had lost him as well. I pondered about whether I would spend the rest of my days alone.

The swan eventually paddled off, head held high, belly full. As I watched her make her way down the inlet, I couldn’t help but think how serene and content she looked. I yearned for that tranquility. With a mate or without, she seemed to be composed and satisfied, and I felt at one with her. I knew I would be all right.

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