Baby, I Was Born to Dream


Thought for the day:  Dreams can take you anywhere you want to go.

Bruce Springsteen smiled at me last night…in my dream, that is.  In this episode he made an unexpected personal appearance at a charity event I was working at to deliver “Springsteen” tee shirts. Everyone was wild with excitement at seeing the icon, not the least of which was me!  He handed me a shirt, smiled and lingered for a moment.  I stared at him – speechless – smitten. This was just one of many crush dream episodes I have had over the years starring Bruce as my favorite not-for-real fantasy guy.

Truth be told, many years ago, when I was battling a particularly bad case of boredom, I almost threw it all in to go in search of Bruce. As I sat on my back porch one hot summer afternoon watching my kids play, I got lost in a daydream of packing them into the mini-van and taking a road trip to Rumson.  I’d somehow miraculously find his house, knock on his door and say…say…what?  What would I say?!  That was the dilemma. “Hi, Bruce, here I am, the love of your life, and these are my kids.  You’re gonna love us!”  I envisioned him immediately leaving his current supermodel girlfriend for plain, old me. (Sure, might happen, right?!) Of course, I never got that far; I never even got into the car, although I did locate Rumson on a New Jersey map.

Many years have passed since that day.  My kids are grown.  Ironically, the oldest is a teacher at a school located in Rumson near Bruce’s estate.  I now have a pretty good idea of where he lives.  Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker.  I’ve lost the brazen fearlessness I had some 25 odd years ago.  I am neither hip nor cool, nor do I resemble a supermodel whatsoever, so what would be the point?

Bottom line is when your life is located in Snoresville, USA, its fun to daydream about being caught up in a glamorous lifestyle with a famous rock superstar.  Who doesn’t do this from time to time? (Am I right, ladies?!?) But its even nicer (no harm; no foul) to have that rock star fade in and out of  your dreams every now and again to  jump start your heart with a smile…heavy sigh….

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~ Expressing random thoughts and issues is my thing. ~ I’m complicated. ~ I understand quirky. ~ I'm a work in progress. ~ I've discovered I'm pretty strong. ~ I'm trying to become the me I've always wanted to be. (Essays are original works of the author. All rights reserved.)

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