~That thing that scares you the most – that makes you say

~“I don’t know if I can do this”

~”I’m so scared to try”

 ~ Run towards it

    ~Because you’ll find it’s so amazing on the other side.

This is what Sherri Shepherd, co-host of The View, said when she was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week. She was afraid to try something like this that was so outside of her comfort zone, but she did it anyway and was grateful for the opportunity and experience.

It hit me hard as I apply this to my own circumstance, which is being unemployed.

Finding a job these days is as challenging as wrestling an alligator. I don’t need to tell anyone that – just look at the unemployment numbers.  And I am at a precarious point in my life where I’m too young to retire but feel like I’m too aged to start over. I feel like I’ve lost some of my stamina and my self-confidence has been compromised. I second guess my abilities as I look over so many job descriptions. I find myself thinking…I can’t do this….I can’t do that…I don’t have the education…I don’t have that kind of experience…I’m too old…I’m not qualified enough…even though deep down I know I can and do have the education and experience and qualifications and my age is just a number.  I just have to keep telling myself that I can.If you are also unemployed in this ridiculously trying job market, you understand that it is easy to be scared and difficult to run towards something you’re not sure of when it does present itself.  Especially when you find that courage to do so only to experience the deafening silence of no response. It’s like a dead zone wherein you feel like you’re invisible. And you wait and wait but then find the strength to go on and try again knowing one of these days you’ll hit pay dirt.  Trying again is the secret and you have to venture out into the unknown once more.

I know there are millions of people like me out there right now – hunting for that ideal (or not so ideal) job that will make them feel whole again and put back the spring in their step – just like Sherri.  So, like her, I will be brave enough and try something new – something I’m scared to try.  I just need the opportunity, and I will run towards it knowing it will be amazing on the other side.

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~ Expressing random thoughts and issues is my thing. ~ I’m complicated. ~ I understand quirky. ~ I'm a work in progress. ~ I've discovered I'm pretty strong. ~ I'm trying to become the me I've always wanted to be. (Essays are original works of the author. All rights reserved.)

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