I had to get to Trenton yesterday and was clipping along the back roads nicely when traffic suddenly came to a screeching halt. I rubbernecked out the window to see what the problem was and spied a tuft of gray hair peeking over the steering wheel two cars ahead. Argh! Luckily my time frame wasn’t hurried.  This gray-haired lady was driving only 30 miles an hour in a 50 mile an hour zone. To say the guy in back of her was not very happy about this is an understatement since he demonstrated his impatience by crazily serpentining back and forth behind her.  He tried unsuccessfully to pass her car in a no passing zone. He hugged her bumper.  He beeped his horn.  Nothing worked to move her even one kilometer faster.  This was an accident waiting to happen, so I slowed way down to get a good distance away from this maniac.

Just then we came upon a red light where the road broke out into two lanes.  The man pulled beside the lady, rolled down his window shaking his fist and shouting obscenities.  She looked at him, broke out into a huge smile and waved her hand excitedly as if she were greeting a long-lost friend. This infuriated the man.  He made a sharp right, skidding into the WAWA parking lot at the speed of light, zipped around to the other exit and made an immediate turn out into traffic, cutting right in front of her, just barely missing her car by inches. Just then she slowly maneuvered her car into the left lane passing him and made a left hand turn onto the crossroad, chugging merrily along on her journey. He watched dumbfounded as he mumbled deliriously.

When the checkered flag was waved in the photo finish race between sweet little gray-haired lady and impatient, foul-mouthed lunatic, guess who was ushered into the winner’s circle?!  Bravo!

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