It was a foggy morning as I made my way up to the bay on my morning walk. On a clear day I can see Long Beach Island across the bay, along with the Barnegat Lighthouse at the inlet. But today the bay was shrouded by a heavy blanket of dew, making it impossible to see even 20 feet past the shore. Was the lighthouse there at all?  Where was the guiding light from it’s tower?

Some days are like that. You trudge through the haze, not really knowing if you are going in the right direction, since you can’t see past the confusing murkiness of your future. There is only silence and fog and questions without answers. You feel directionless, like a ship being tossed in the waves. On these days you wonder if your prayers are being heard, let alone answered, or if God is even listening at all.lighthouse3

But then, everything suddenly becomes transparent. You see the bright beam from the lighthouse tower piercing through the mist, and beckoning you to go one way or the other. Things fall into place and now you know which way to turn. You feel the guiding Hand of the Captain on your shoulder as He steers your ship into the harbor. One way or another, your prayers are answered. The fog lifts and gives way to the vision of where you’re supposed to go…to the place you’re supposed to be.

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