0208141143Follow your heart…there’s less traffic. I saw a flag the other day with this aphorism imprinted upon it, and it seemed like an apropos thought to ponder on Valentine’s Day.

How many of you have actually followed your heart?  Me?  Not so much. I got caught up in the whirlwind notion of love and took a detour. I thought I was in love, but things eventually changed, and I spent most of my days wanting and needing more. I now know that he wasn’t the one.  Maybe I was lazy…or lonely…or thought it would eventually work out and be great.  But it wasn’t. Not following my heart was quite a big mistake, and I’ve often wished that I’d gone down the proverbial road less traveled.

Why is there less traffic when you follow your heart? Because that road is yours and yours alone.  It’s your journey…your choices…your twists…your turns…your destiny.  If you follow your heart without listening to all the noise and opinions from others around you and what they think you should or should not do or where you should turn or pull off, then you’re left to discover your own path. I don’t really think many people are brave enough to do just that. That’s just my take.

It requires a lot of time and effort to actively pursue what you want in order to get exactly what you need.  Sometimes you settle for what comes along instead of finishing the journey to see what you really set out to find.  You think you are happy and that it’s enough.  But usually it’s not, and you end up yearning for more…more romance…more excitement…more compatibility…more…more…more. Never satisfied…always restless.

Does the total notion of being crazy, wildly, passionately in love with the right person really exist?  Yes.  Absolutely.  I’ve seen people who’ve nailed it. I know they are the lucky ones who traveled down that road of their very own where there’s less traffic and listened only to their own heart. They are the ones who shut their ears to the Negative Nancy’s and Naysayers. It’s not an easy trip; in fact it’s a hard and lonely expedition. But what you find in the end is well worth the journey.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who have finished their trek and are contently happy with their destination. And to those of you have taken a wrong turn or two but have found their way back to the highway of their heart’s desire, I wish you fortitude to stay the course until what you seek is finally found.

P.S. I bought myself the flag as a reminder to stay the course 🙂


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  1. It’s hard to go wrong when you follow your heart! Another beautiful essay, Sue. Like a warming ray of sunshine on this never-ending winter! How are you? Hope you and your family are well and happy ☺️

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