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Happy 2013!  There is nothing like the promise of a brand new year. It’s the greatest gift of the whole holiday season! It’s like getting a new book you’ve been eager to read. You run your fingers over the freshly pressed cover, open it enthusiastically and begin reading with much anticipation for a story well-told. It’s like buying a lottery ticket for a high stakes outcome and waking up a winner!

A new year is a new chance to get it right.  It’s like getting a “do over.”  So what if last year didn’t measure up to what you were hoping for!  Laid before you are 365 brand-new days to do things differently. Put away the worries and cares that have haunted you throughout the past year and forge ahead into your future of new beginnings. There’s nothing like the newness of those first few days and weeks that fill you with optimism.  It’s your time to stoke the embers of disappointment into new flames of possibilities that will burn brightly throughout the year. It’s easy to imagine the positive goodness that awaits you. Seize each day and make it count!

I hope this new year will be a best seller for you – that you will win in the lottery of life.  I hope that all your problems will be solved…your sicknesses healed…your homes rebuilt…your love renewed…your employment restored…your finances replenished…your faith rekindled. And when you look back on 2013 next New Year’s Day, I hope your heart will be filled with the satisfaction of a year well done.