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thPH0E6G0II get into my car this morning to move it out of the street so that the plows can come through to clear this bloody six more inches of snow off the streets.  Did it REALLY snow AGAIN?!?  Seriously?!?! To add insult to injury, the radio is blasting Margaritaville, and it somehow seems so wrong that Jimmy Buffet is singing about tropical drinks on a hot, sunny palm tree-lined island while I’m stuck in this deep freeze in New Jersey. I mean, this is the gazillioneth storm of the season, and it’s just, well, sad. I can almost cry.

Last week I was basking in the warmth of 60 degree temperatures as I walked along in the park with Bella, seeing actual flocks of robins picking at the ground.  I had to pinch myself I was so happy.  I thought about finally putting away all that heavy winter clothing along with my snow boots.  I thought about taking all my light, fun, summer clothing out.  I was actually giddy at the thought.  I considered driving to the beach to walk along the sand. Daydreams aren’t always kind. Little did I know that cruel Mother Nature had yet another surprise in store this week. I woke up to the ring of the phone.  Another snow day closing.  What?!  Huh?!  I look outside and AAARRRGGGHHH.  The expecting dusting turned into an avalanche.

thZMAE77HFThe surprise of Margaritaville on the radio was just another zing…to the moon, Alice…kind of dig.  How dare you throw me back to sunny Key West, Jimmy, when I’m stuck in this down-feathered jacket with these awkward chukka boots as I shovel and trudge through yet another pile up of the white stuff.  You are just too cruel!!! You’d never find your lost shaker of salt in this deep white mess!

Spring is on its, way.  Honest. Really, I just know it is. I promise you that I heard the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the early morning last week through the crack in my window. We just have to be patient a little while longer. It will happen.

Besides, who says you can’t drink Margaritas in the snow?thJ5E90RBT