I was walking Bella at the park yesterday when two little girls ran up to pet her. They asked me first if they could, which is good because you don’t want your hand chomped on by an unfriendly pup.  Bella, of course, is a pushover…loves kids and people of all shapes and sizes.  I asked the girls if they had a dog.  Yes, the one answered, I have a boxador.  A what? I asked.  She repeated.  I said I’d never heard of that breed and asked what it looked like.  Sort of like your dog but different, she answered.  I thought a moment.  Oh, I commented, you mean a mix between a boxer and labrador?  Yes, she said.imagesCAUPJQIF

Boxador.  Isn’t that just another name for a mutt?  Or is it an actual new breed of dog like a Labradoodle or Puggle?  Aren’t these just fancy names for mixes of breeds we used to call mutts?  Yes, yes, I know, some are specifically bred to become those words, but it just sounds so pretentious to me.  Boxador…hmmm.

There are a lot of words of the “newer” generation that have come to really annoy me.  I heard the word “fantabulous” on a commercial the other day.  Fantabulous.  Really?  I guess I’m annoyed because when people use the word “fabulous” the word “pompous” rings in my head.  You’re fabulous.  I’m fabulous.  Barf much?  Now its like, if you wear these new over-priced shoes, you’ll look so fantabulous!  Eck…

Other words like “deliciousness,” grate on my nerves.  Why can’t you just say delicious?  Why do you have to add the “ness?”  What’s that all about?  Or “amahzing!”  Seriously?  Is that a level above amazing?!  “Excellante!”  What?  Do we have to reinvent language to sound cool?  I guess saying “cool” is “generational.” Now “generational” is a word that really gets on my last nerve, especially as I get older.  “Oh, well, that’s a “generational” way of doing things,” someone will say.  Why don’t you just be honest and come out with what you’re really trying to say?!  Generational means “old.”  I guess it’s supposed to be less offensive to the senior population to use that word.

I wonder if my parents were annoyed when we used words like “hip” and “groovy” and “super” and “cool”?  Maybe so.  I guess every decade has to come up with its own slang that will annoy the generation before…to name a few:

In the 50’s it was square, weirdo, chick, cool cats, cornball, gig

In the 60’s:  fuzz, gas, groovy, hip, non-conformist, bread, boob tube, acid, tune in, turn on, drop out

In the 70’s: dude, far out, sock it to me, real trip, drag, nerd, trippin’, downer

In the 80’s: bitchin’, duh, chill pill, barf me out, gag me with a spoon, gnarly, psych

In the 90’s:   bling-bling, ice, all that, crib, my bad, snap, score, sweet, sick

And now it’s: (besides the annoying amahzing, excellante, fantabulous and generational), pretty much, not, biotch, hot, awesome, shut up, what, really, you rock, wicked.  Not to even mention some of the social media slang: lol, btw, ur, etc.

It seems that as each generation evolves, a slang code must come with it. So don’t be a square, you weirdo. Learn to be a groovy non-conformist in finding a way to be a far out dude.  I mean, life is a downer if you don’t make it a trippin’ experience, so don’t gag me with a spoon by being a drag. Just take a chill pill, put on your bling and relax in your crib.  My bad to be such a biotch about the awesomeness of slang.  So I’ll pretty much just shut up and bask in my own amahzing generational fantabulousness. LOL.

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