In the wee small hours of the morning…when the whole wide world is fast asleep…


My favorite place…

That’s the time I like to sit out on the deck, breathing deeply and taking in the quiet and the still of the new1006130707 day rising.  I look upon the water; it is as smooth as glass with nary a ripple. The surrounding homes are dark…everyone seems to be in slumber.  The sun has not yet begun to rise and the moon has yet to say good night. The hazy fog is thick and damp as it hangs heavily in the air. It’s just me in the quiet with only the chirping of a few crickets. It’s my favorite time of day. That’s the time I think about things or try not to think about things.  I sip on a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug, and as the steamy nectar warms me, I realize that for this moment in time, all is right in the world.  I’m full of hope and wonder what good things the day has in store for me.  I pray for those I love and ask God’s blessings on them.  “Please guide them and keep them safe,” I whisper.  I mention my worries and ask for advice. I read my daily devotionals and try to find the message and meanings and inspiration for my life.  I read a few lines from the Good Book. Sometimes something unique will come to mind…direction…an answer…or just plain silence to figure it out on my own.

Soon the dawn is breaking in brilliant hues of pink and blue. The dazzling rays of the sun pierce the darkness and cast warmth upon my skin. The moon fades in the distance, bowing to the new day.  My cup is empty; my books are closed.  I am ready for today.

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