Yesterday afternoon was chilly and stormy, and I got to do what I love best on a day like that – curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch an old (1995) romantic comedy. Honestly, nothing is better than that for me. I’m very low maintenance.

fk2I was lucky enough to come across one of my old favorites.  I hate to call it “old.”  I prefer the word “timeless.”  The movie was “French Kiss” starring Meg Ryan (of course – she seems to be in all my timeless favorites) and Kevin Kline (as opposed to the usual favorite Tom Hanks).  In this movie we have a headstrong, conservative “have life all figured out and organized the way she wants it to play out” Kate and a scruffy, rough-around-the-edges, living life on the edge Frenchman, Luc.  Kate’s planning her wedding as her fiancé Charlie flies off to France on business. While there, he meets and falls in love with a sexy little French kitten, and a monkey wrench is thrown into everyone’s plans. (I love animal metaphors.) When Kate flies out to win Charlie back, she meets Luc and is instantly repulsed by him, of course.  Well, this happens and that happens, and one thing leads to another, and yes, you know the ending…her life is turned topsy-turvy, and she ends up falling madly in love with Luc and living in a stone house on a hill with a breath-taking view of the French wine countryside where they live their lives in the end cultivating their fk3own vineyard.  Heavy sigh….

I love crap like this…I really do.  Nothing warms my heart more than watching the intricacies, however predictable, of human nature where life doesn’t work out the way you planned but love conquers all in the end.  It’s what I live and breathe for.  I guess I can be labeled as one of those crazy, hopeless romantics.  But I just can’t let it go.

Life hasn’t worked out the way I planned, indeed.  But I know my twisted turn of fate is coming soon where I’ll meet “the one” across a crowded room (I’m obsessed with that scenario), and I’ll live happily ever after. Until then…there’s always the Hallmark channel…and I think “Sleepless in Seattle” is on this weekend. 🙂 Time to grab my blanket!

If you have a moment, take a listen to some of the songs in movie, including my theme song by Van Morrison, “Someone Like You.”

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  1. From reading your post I’d say you’re one of the people who likes Meg Ryan as much as I do.
    I’ve watched most of her work, from the early days in films like Innerspace, to the height of her career with When Harry Met Sally, When a Man Loves a Woman, Courage Under Fire, etc. coming to the recent (seemingly very unpopular) films like My Mom’s New boyfriend.
    I can totally understand why you like her. There’s just something so compelling about her in every part she played. Her recent works just don’t feel Meg-Ryan-like to me anyway.
    I don’t know, I’m kinda mourning for the loss of her brilliance. I’m just thankful I was there at the peak of her career and was able to look forward to every movie she did, and I still savour them today.

    I hope you enjoy a Sleepless weekend.

  2. Yes, she is one of my all-time favorites, and I agree about her recent works. The turning point in her career seems to be when she had the affair with Russell Crowe. She just changed after that…hasn’t seemed the same since. I miss her, too.

  3. I’m more of a Harry Met Sally girl, myself. While you are at it, try An Affair To Remember, the movie that inspired Sleepless.
    As for our Meg, she really was the sweetheart of a generation. What happened? I think she ended her career when she changed her face 😞
    Enjoy the couch and Tom and Meg….I may just join you!

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